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WordPress is our speciality


We’ve been working with WordPress since 2005.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is known as a blogging tool, powering thousands of successful blogs, but it is also a fairly comprehensive content management system.

This means that you can use it to add pages, link automatically to other pages, add documents and video very easily.


Why choose Inigo?

Our considerable experience in working with WordPress makes us a great choice for your project.

By choosing Inigo, you’re gaining not just years of expertise in WordPress design and development, but also experience in consultancy, training so you can update your own site, and optimisation (so that people can find your site easily).


WordPress Custom Design

Our main use of WordPress is to build great-looking websites.

We can build you a site that looks like a conventional blog, if that’s what you need.

For many of our clients, however, we also incorporate high-quality design and layout as part of our work. Your site gets the look and feel of conventional websites you know and like, while keeping the benefits of WordPress flexibility – and its lower costs.

We work alongside other designers and design companies to achieve this, as well as having our own in-house designers.

For a specialised WordPress quote, call us or email us and we can talk through your requirements.


More about WordPress

If you’re already a little familiar with WordPress and the features, you’ll know that it’s adaptable and can be used to build some great sites. The key advantages are:

Increased flexibility

As WordPress is a web-based content management system, you can add content whenever and wherever you want. The features that make it so useful as a blog also make it flexible for adding pages – including moving content around the site, while the links keep up with you.

Easy to use

WordPress is very easy to use. People with no experience in content management or web updating use it every day to communicate through their sites. It opens up the possibility of having anyone in the company contribute to the content online – whether adding projects, news releases or blogging about important developments.

Social Media ready

As a social media tool, WordPress allows you to post items and then link to them from Facebook, Twitter and networking / community sites. You can let people comment on pages and blog articles, subscribe to your blog posts by email and bookmark your site with social bookmarking tools increasing your search engine rankings.

Handles audio and video beautifully

Adding mp3s and video to your site normally requires some technical understanding. With WordPress, this isn’t necessary. Adding a video file is as easy as pasting in the link provided by YouTube. Adding audio is a little more advanced, but only takes a few steps. You can also add slides easily using

A platform for growth

Unlike a static site, WordPress is continually evolving and will be at the forefront of developments in web technology and what people expect from a media site. This guarantees you will be able to add new document types and expand your offering without major expense in the years to come.

Search engine friendly

We ensure that each WordPress site we set up is optimised for search engine performance. A few easy steps makes sure that when you add a page or a post, you’ll be adding content that Google will find attractive.

Valid code and accessibility

We build WordPress pages to industry best practice standards. In official terms, that means pages are built in XHTML and CSS, and will validate to basic W3C standards.

Browser compatibility

We advise that styling will be suitable for most modern browsers. These include Internet Explorer 10 & 11, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Extra costs are incurred for making a website IE8 friendly.

Low upgrade costs

WordPress is free to upgrade, though you may want us to take care of it for you.  We use ManageWP to let us know when a new version of WordPress is available and all the plugins installed with it.  Currently we use it to manage over 60 WordPress sites – all kept up to date on a weekly basis, for a small yearly fee.

A community of support

The WordPress community is huge. With so many people using the system there are hundreds of experts all around the world available to help out. We provide support for any work we’ve done for you, though we recommend tapping into the WordPress community online to get the most out of your site.

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