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10 ways that building a WordPress website is like building a house

10 ways that building a WordPress website is like building a house

There are many ways that building a WordPress website – or any website – is like building a house. This is a quick way to cover some of our process using a building analogy.

Imagine the scenario – you can build your own house or you can get someone to do it for you.

Plenty of people do a self build, but most people buy a house from a developer or commission a builder.

1. Finding out what you want and make a plan

So, you’ve chosen a timber frame flat pack house. That’s great. There’s been loads of work that’s gone into making this flat pack system really easy to put together.  It’s cheap, flexible and easy to use.

But it’s just the start and we need to work to a plan.  We plan out everything first, get your approval and then go ahead with the technical elements of the build.

2. Download WordPress

We’ve picked up the frame from the builders merchant and brought it to your plot.

3. WordPress website hosting

We’ve made sure that the foundations are all solid and it had all the services it needs.

4. Install and set up

We’ve put it together for you and made it safe.

5. Planning and making a structure

To give you something that’s fully functional, we’ve added the roof, floors and walls, sealed them, installed the windows, fitted out the electrics, installed the appliances and made sure they all work.

6. Design & and build

Then after adding the things that have to work, we’ve painted the exterior, designed the interior with all the carpets, curtains and added all this new furniture and to make it yours. Now it’s a place you can call home.

7. Site testing

We’ve checked all the parts of the house, for health & safety. We then made sure that people with wheelchairs could get in. We also installed better locks than is required by law, but best to be safe.

8. Website training

We’ll teach you how to get the best out of your house – as some of the items need some getting used to. It may not be like a house you’ve used before. It’s pretty smart.

9. Website marketing

Together we’re going to make sure that the people you want to visit your home can find it and they know what to do when they get here.

We’re going to send out invites to all your friends and family so they can come to your housewarming and see who wants to come back.

10. Website care plan

We’re not going to just leave the house, we need to maintain it too. Things need to be looked after, kept secure, keeping the lights on. We’ve got a monthly check list that we use to take care of your house and all the services.

You don’t have to worry about it, it’s part of our service.

Why use a professional?

You could have put your house together yourself if you knew how to do it.

A timber frame is pretty straightforward to get any builder to put up for you, but the rest of the process is quite hard work and takes training, preparation and skill.

Similarly, building a WordPress website can be done by someone who’s never done it before or who has done it a bit. We’ve built hundreds of WordPress sites so we’d put ourselves as having plenty of experience.