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Social media

Social media

Social media. Big topic.

There are digital companies which specialise in just that.  A lot of our clients are already pretty savvy about how to use Facebook, Twitter and more to spread the word about what they’re doing.

So what can we offer? Some tips to show what to aim for.  We’ll also be expanding on these in a series of blog posts – look out for them over the coming months.

Why should I do social media?

‘Everyone’s doing it’

Well maybe?  Decide what you want social media to do for your business.  Don’t commit to it if you can’t keep it up.  And if you’ve decided it’s not for you – that’s OK.

‘It’s good for you’

So are your 5 a day…Social media can be useful for raising your business profile, and also help your site rise higher in the rankings when people look for it.  But it’s only as good as what you use it for.

Ways to use social media

Work out why you want to bring people to your site.
Is it a promotion?  A new product? A change in the way you do business? Look at the realworld situations you face in business, and then see how social media can help get the word out.

Go to where your customer is already

With potential customers using down time for surfing – at bus stops, at lunch time, while waiting for friends – social media is where they get their news, entertainment, goodies and more, all rolled into one.  And it’s easy for your company to become part of the mix too.

Your story, their story

We all like to be part of something.  Part of what customers like is learning your story, how your products came about.  It becomes part of their story – and then they want to keep it going.  Which is great for your business.

Social media needs management

Just like any other form of communication with your customers.  Decide how often you’re going to be posting.  Think about what categories of information to cover.  If you do lots in a big rush, and then run out of steam, it can undermine customer expectations.  A little, regularly, is good.

Social media = online risk management

Know what your customers are saying about you – and about the competition.

It’s now become more recognised that if we deal with a customer complaint well, we increase the customer’s respect for us, and they often come back.  Imagine what that would look like for your business if potential customers could see that process too.

We’re also hoping to bring some comments from our clients on how they use social media, so you can see in action.

If you want to plan a detailed social media strategy, we can link you up with our other digital contacts.  Call us or email us (contact form at the bottom of every page).

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