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Whenever you embark on a new journey, you want to know where you’re going.  How you’ll get there.  What to do if there’s any challenges on the way.

We think the same applies to the web.

We can help you get off to a good start, and keep driving ahead, backed up by our quality of service, and our availability to clients.


Hosting & Domains

We’re here to help your web project keep going day to day, through enabling you to make an informed choice about hosting, and helping you secure a reliable hosting provider.

Read more about hosting options.

You can also read about our domain name registration.


Testing – and protecting

We know enough about the journey to help you avoid things going wrong.  We test and retest our sites before they go live.

We can even systematically test your website for any weaknesses that might be exploited by hackers, helping you meet any internal requirements for disaster recovery.

Read more about our support plan for WordPress sites, so that your site uses the most recent version of WordPress – increasing the security of your site in turn.


Incorporating best practice

We’re part of making sure your web project goes in the right direction, through offering advice about best practice and governmental and industry standards. We constantly review the business market and responsive design practices to keep your website moving with the times and secure.


Fixing what isn’t working

Sometimes your web journey is already underway, but has gone off course.  We’re here to get you back on track, whether the difficulties are a site you’re stuck with, or technologies that are no longer up to the task.

And if things do go wrong, like a website crashing, we’re here to get you up and running again.


Planning for long term improvement

We’re also here to help your web project get better over time. Leaner. Faster.

We keep you informed about the latest online solutions, so you can adapt and grow.

We can work in staged development so as you grow the web development process will help accommodate and support this growth.

Along with this is our experience in ecommerce website development services and infrastructure as well as promoting brand integrity. This gives a nice mix of structure and form to deliver style.

As this style development is in house all further development is sure to bring the integrity of design with it. Style, function and integrity were you need it.


Building in regular upgrades

If your business has seasonal changes, or there’s a detailed marketing plan you want to carry out, you may want to plan for making site updates on a regular basis.

We offer support packages, so that your website benefits from regularly updated copy, seasonal promotion details, or whatever else you need to keep your customers coming. Having web developer support accessible can give an active website the edge.


How can we help?

You care about your business lasting the long haul.  So do we.

We have the experience in wed development processes and business know how that can bring out the best in what you do and make it effective.

For more information about any of the topics above, call us or email us by using the contact form (at the top of every page).

If you have a specific issue for your site that needs fixing, email [email protected] with the details, and we’ll be in touch soon.

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