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Website Design

Website Design

Design covers all the visual aspects of the website. Getting design right means your website feels easy to take in at a glance, and encourages the customer to do what you want them to do.

Good design can improve your chances of getting those sales, encouraging those donations – or whatever else is at the heart of your organisation.

Here are some further reasons why we spend time making great-looking sites for you:


Good design helps you hold onto customers

First impressions are important in business – in life in general. By making your site visually appealing, you’re creating a reason for people to stay on your site – and find out more about what you offer.


Good design makes life easy for customers

Good website layout spells out your business in a straightforward way. It also makes the site easy for your customers to move around, and find what they need – quickly.

To win – and keep – their business, you want to make it super-easy. Design can help convey that visually, quickly.


Entertain – and retain your customers

Design doesn’t just mean putting your brochure online. Customers expect more.

It might be getting to know more of your story – or seeing your business in action – often through visuals such as photos and videos. If these are presented in an attractive, easy-to-view way, chances are they’ll be back for more.


Design works on the move

Design needs to be flexible – so that if customers want to use your site from their mobile, they can. And still enjoy the experience.

We can help with that too – including designing for mobile first, depending on your market. We also check our design work against key screen sizes like the iPad.


Inigo’s design approach

Where do we start? It’s all about you and what you want to do online.

We make sure that our designs are consistent with the ethos of your company, and your aims. We ask you about websites you like, to help establish the look and feel for your own site.

Design works best when it’s part of the overall strategy for your website. Find out more about the strategy element of our work – and how we can help you get the full benefits out of your website.


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