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WooCommerce Optimisation

Our WooCommerce Optimisation system is crammed full of actions to get the most out of your WooCommerce setup.

You can opt for a selection of components or the whole system.

If you want something else that's not covered here, do let us know at [email protected]


It's important to cover the basics.
Our foundation level sees to that.

Website Compass

Website Compass

Find out where you're at, what's working and what isn't

  • Google Analytics
  • Search Console
  • Positioning Report
  • Google My Business Audit

Site Bounceback

We'll repair site errors so you can recover any lost Google ranking

  • Deal with 404s & broken internal links,
  • Optimise images
  • Fix email deliverability

Google Foundation

Get Google to read your site correctly to increase your rankings.

  • Add structured content to all pages (schema)
  • Ensure Name, Address and Postcode are entered
  • Set up reviews properly

Site Supercharger

Increase site speed so your site will rank higher and convert better

  • WordPress optimisation
  • WooCommerce template optimisation
  • Replace slow plugins
  • Compress HTML and scripts


Get visitors to products to buy.
Get them back to the site to buy again.


Customer Wayfinder

Get customers to products faster through clearer messaging, signups and calls to action

  • Homepage key messaging
  • Mobile-specific messaging
  • Optimised headings
  • Signup pop-ups

Remarketing Starter

Capture consent for remarketing to get them back to your website and optimise your ad spend

  • Implement Facebook & Google pixels
  • On-scroll accept of cookies
  • Input on privacy policy change
  • Test remarketing across platforms

Content Fuel

Content research and recommendations to make your website stand out from the crowd

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor focus areas
  • Writing for SEO content guide
  • 12-month content creation calendar

Social Accelerator

Get visitors to see how much other people (like them) like and trust you

  • Add testimonials in each relevant template
  • Special treatment of testimonials vs reviews
  • Add trust marks where relevant
  • Add Google and Facebook ratings and reviews 

Remove Objections

Remove barriers to purchase by answering important questions

  • Make USPs evident
  • Clear shipping information
  • Clear guarantees, refunds & returns policy
  • Flexible use of FAQs for homepage and products


Sell more effectively by optimising all the components.


Order Magnifier

Reduce the number of abandoned purchases by optimising the purchase journey

  • Optimise basket display 
  • Add upsells and minimum order for shipping
  • Add trust marks to checkout
  • Distraction-free checkout page 

Search Maximiser

Get your customers to what they want faster with improved on-site search

  • Add predictive search
  • Match user's search to products
  • Customise search experience 
  • Highlight search term in search results

eCommerce Personalisation

Convert leads to customers faster - show them you know who they are


Email Optimiser

Get the most out of your email marketing list with split testing


You've got a great thing going, now we want to make it work even better.


Profitability Dashboard

Give yourself more information about your customers - integrating with a reporting system to measure profitability.


Offers System

Increase click-throughs from emails and encourage repeat visits with an on-site offers system.


Sales Encourager

Increase sales of your most popular products via live chat to your high ranking pages


Key Phrase Optimiser

Get higher Google ranking for your most important product categories and products by optimising key SEO copy.


Sales Automator

Generate traffic and sales while you sleep with automated email campaigns.


Making sure it's all going in the right direction.


Optimisation Scorecard

Revisit where you're at and where to go next.


If you want something else that's not covered here, do let us know at [email protected]