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WordPress Development

WordPress Development

So, you’re keen to make a good first impression with your website. You might even have glanced at our design section and thought about how you want to look online.

But looks aren’t everything. The site has to – work, well.


Why is development important?

If your site takes ages to load – if the links don’t work – if the online shop crashes at the all-important point: your customer won’t be coming back. Hence design and development.

But it’s not just about it working. It’s about work flow and speeding up processes for you and your customers.

Finding clever tricks that mean your customer does not just what they wanted to do – but what they didn’t even know was possible. Which means they’re more likely to keep coming back.


Good choices – good development

Whether you want a simple biography site, a robust online shop, a searchable database, or something entirely different, knowing your aims helps us identify what’s the best way to develop your site.

We develop a huge variety of sites, helping us learn new ways of working, and different forms of functionality. Which could just benefit your site too.


Why choose Inigo?

We have great developers to help you get the most out of the products you choose. Drawing on experience at Inigo – and freelance – we keep up with a rapidly developing set of technologies, and what other developers are saying and doing.

We’ve chosen to specialise in WordPress sites, because they work brilliantly for so many of our clients. But we’ve also worked with Magento, Drupal, our own in-house content management systems in the past, and lots more.

If you have a particular kind of site in mind, look through the types of development we do, and find out what we can put together for you or call us if you want to talk things through.

If you are looking for us to develop an existing site which uses different development tools, contact us, and we can chat things over.

And to view our development work in action, have a look at our portfolio.


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