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Types of website development

Blogs and portfolio sites

Blogs are one of the easiest places to start if you want to have an online presence. They may take the form of a kind of online diary, a newsletter, or a place to have discussions on a particular range of topics.

Using easy-to-access tools like WordPresss, it’s simple to put your thoughts and activities online. And because blogs are so quick to update – no harder than typing an email – they’re an easy way to add content regularly. New content is attractive to search engines, which in turn helps raise your online profile.

A blog can fit with the look of your existing branding. You can pick from existing themes, or we can customise one for you. It’s also possible to use even a simple site as a portfolio for your work, particularly if you are involved in visual arts, and want to have your work easily accessible to promoters or buyers.

Blogs are also great for reaping the extra benefit of online presence: interaction. Enabling readers to comment on, or share your posts, again increases your site profile, as well as building a ‘story’ that makes readers come back again and again.

Whatever scale and content you have in mind for your blog, we can help. Have a look at our WordPress section to see the range of features available to you.


Content management systems

Many of our sites depend on good content management. Our clients offer a range of services, and need customers to be able to search easily, and select what they want.

In fast-moving businesses, being able to update products quickly, or put up news of innovations or awards, can help raise their profile even more, as well as helping customers get a sense of their ‘story’.


Mobile / responsive sites

Stats keep changing, but we know that over 60% [1] of people in the UK now own a smartphone, meaning they can access the web quickly wherever they are.

For some of our clients, their area of business is a perfect match with mobile access. Building a conventional website first is the wrong way round when much of their web traffic comes from mobile devices.

So we listen to what you need and want – and when the stats say mobile first, we’re happy to help. We’re able to devise sites that scale appropriately for different sized mobile devices – meaning your customers can see what they need on their phones without the text and buttons being too small.

We’re fortunate to work with specialists in mobile design, meaning that we can be sure of your mobile site working effectively, and looking in keeping with other current mobile sites.



eCommerce is a key area of our development work: if your online shopping basket won’t fill, or the credit card systems don’t work, it undermines all that you’re trying to do.

Read more about what eCommerce can do for your business in our eCommerce section.

We also undertake bespoke eCommerce integration with order fulfilment processing.


Extra nuts and bolts

Sometimes a content management system like WordPress will give you almost all you need for your website. But there are still a few tweaks needed to get the site doing exactly what you want. We can help with that.

  • see this being more social media integration,
  • integrating additional systems into sites e.g. hotel booking, stock systems.


Bespoke development

Bespoke is about getting forms of development that are an exact fit for what you do. The platforms we use are powerful, and constantly developing, but sometimes you may need something extra to convey your work in a simple way, or to support a function essential to your business.

Bespoke makes sense when this development makes your site work just right for your aims, and for what your customers need to do. Bespoke should also be able to grow with you, so that any future changes you may need can be incorporated into the same framework.

Bespoke still means that we’re building with other essentials in mind, like accessibility, and within industry best practice standards.

[1] Ofcom Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes 2014

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