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Email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing allows you to target the people who already like what you do – and to make it attractive for more people to subscribe. Here’s how.

Who will I send to?

Anyone who’s shown interest in your business or organisation! As email is such a regular part of life – at work or at home – an email newsletter is one of the easiest ways to reach people.

Keep in touch with your current customers, and help them find out all that you offer, so that they stick with you.


How easy is it to do?

Once you’re used to updating your website through content management systems like WordPress, it’s only a small step to creating your own email newsletters.

Like WordPress, you control exactly what’s said, so that the email is in keeping with your ‘tone of voice’, as well as being focused on your key messages.

It’s also really easy to tell how well it’s going. Many of the packages which help you put your email newsletter together also offer statistics: so you can tell who’s opened which stories, and when.



You can get your message out straight away – ideal if you are doing a short-term promotion or competition, or if an opportunity for your customers comes up at short notice.

Doing a regular newsletter – say once a month – gives you a chance to create anticipation among your customers.

Once you get used into the habit of creating newsletters, you can be compiling them at a time that suits you – you can set exactly when the newsletter goes out.



Keep in mind that your email is all about bringing people onto your website to do something. Your website will need to have the new info ready in place for when you click send on the email.

Luckily, using straight-forward content management systems like WordPress, it’s easy to use have your site ready quickly – and to update it further if demand outstrips supply, or if you decide to run a further promotion.

If you’d like to start up an email newsletter – or want to make yours work better for you – we’re here to help.  Call us or email us.

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